Is there a dedicated inbox for specific enquiries regarding workouts and/or nutrition?

Yes, you can contact me with any questions at info.marinokatsouris@gmail.com

Do you recommend a specific brand for supplements and/or equipment?

Yes links to my stacks will be integrated specific to each guides nutrition manual.

Does this guide include a personalised nutrition plan?

All my guides come with a Nutrition manual providing you with all the information needed to calculate calories and macronutrients in order for you to reach your goals. This also includes the best food sources and recommended supplements.

How do I know if this guide is suitable for me?

Muscle gain guide:

If you are looking to pack on some muscle then this guide is for you. With a structured 12 week training phase implementing strategic training protocols and methods to allow for a maximum muscle growth for the user.

Fat loss guide:

If you are looking to lose fat loss whilst maintain muscle mass and strength then this is for you. Using my training and nutrition methods that I have used for myself and countless others in order to reach their dreamed ripped physique.

How many workouts (or meals) per week are included?

4-6 workouts a week

Approximately how much time do I need to complete each workout (or prepare each meal)?

60-80 mins

How many weeks does it take to complete the guide?

12 weeks for the guide to muscle and 10 weeks for the fat loss guide.

Can I repeat the guide once I have completed it?

Yes you can repeat it as many times as you like!

Has this guide been designed by you?

Yes, with over 7 years experience as a certified personal trainer and nutritionist I have developed the most effective training programs available, which time after time provide incredible results for both my clients and myself.

Did you design this guide by yourself?

Yes, tried and proven

Is this guide based on the training you do yourself?

It is taken from my exact training program that has helped me and countless others reach their goals.

What’s included when I buy this guide?

A full Nutrition guide teaching you how to calculate your calories and macronutrients specifically to the plan alongside a workout protocol to guide you through the plan.

Do I have to follow this guide exactly as it was created?

To your best ability yes, if for any reason you can't you can contact me for alternative exercises.

What results can I expect to see at the end of this guide?

12 week muscle answer: To have overall increased muscle mass and strength with confidence boosting results.
10 week shred answer: To have decreased body fat creating a leaner and stronger physique.

What are the guide’s unique elements?

I believe in training with intensity, supersets, drop sets, time under tension, the lot! All whilst maintaining a methodical layout to all the routines meaning you will hit every body part equally resulting in a well rounded aesthetic and functional physique.

How do I know which guide is suitable for me?

Muscle gain guide:

12 week guide to muscle focuses on building lean muscle mass through a structured diet and methodical and intense training program.

Fat loss guide:

10 week fat loss guide is designed to help lose as much body fat as possible while keeping you strong and maintaining muscle mass with an intense 6 day per week weight training and cardio strategy. This plan will guarantee you to reach your goals of a shredded lean physique.

I don’t like my product, can I get a refund?

When you purchase any plan or digital product, you agree to no refunds as stated on the website. This is because the content is delivered instantly to the buyer and can be seen by the buyer. Refunds can only be given in the following circumstances:

  • If there was a technical issue and we can see that the content was never sent.
  • If the transaction was not a genuine transaction (card fraud etc).
  • If there was a duplicate order or payment.

Where can I find your terms and conditions?

You can see our T&C document here.

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